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Kit Clamp Meter PA420 with Socket Tester CC800

Kit Clamp Meter PA420 with Socket Tester CC800

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The KPS PA420 MINI digital clamp meter is a practical and useful tool for electrical work, which has several features that make it stand out. Its display can show up to 2000 readings, providing accurate and easy-to-read measurements. The clamp opening is Ф28mm/1.1", making it possible to clamp onto a variety of cables and wires. The meter has a diode open-circuit voltage of 4.5V and a <70Ω continuity buzzer, increasing its versatility. The device also has a data hold function, allowing easy recording of readings. The low battery indicator ensures that the user is aware of when the battery is low, avoiding any inconvenience or interruption to work. Overall, the KPS PA420 MINI digital clamp meter is a reliable and efficient tool for electrical measurements.

The KPS CC800 is a plug-in wiring tester designed to detect various wiring situations such as correct wiring, no ground, phase/earth reversal, phase/neutral reversal and no neutral. Equipped with acoustic and LED indicators, this tool provides a reliable and easy-to-understand indication of wiring status. With a CAT II 230V rating, the KPS CC800 is a safe and efficient choice for testing electrical sockets. Whether you are a professional electrician or a DIY enthusiast, the KPS CC800 is an excellent tool for ensuring the safety and correct operation of electrical sockets.

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